Visitor Information

Interpretation Panels

Draft of Castle Keep and Garth panelDraft of Castle Keep and Garth panel. We are awaiting a new reconstruction drawing to finalise the panel.

We are currently renewing the interpretation panels for St Nicholas Cathedral, the Black Gate and the Castle Garth whilst also creating some additonal panels for Charles Avison, Robert Stephenson's High Level Bridge and the George Stephenson monument.

As modern technology has advanced and the weather has had its wicked way, so the existing panels have become outdated, worn and tired. New technology means that we can use colour images of a better quality and greater detail. In this process of renewal we are taking the opportunity to re-focus the graphic and written content of the panels to reach out and appeal to a wider audience and provide a richer experience and understanding of the surrounding area.

Visitor Information Leaflet

Old Newcastle Visitor Information leafletNear final draft of the visitor information leaflet.

A concise visitor information leaflet has been drawn together to provide visitors to the area with enough background knowledge to enjoy, understand, appreciate and navigate the surroundings. The leaflet is available, free of charge, from Visitor Information Centres, libraries and Customer Service Centre's.