Schools Programme

There is a range of pre-bookable sessions available to enrich and enhance your visit. All sessions are flexible in contact and can be half-day or whole-day sessions.

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Rebuild Newcastle Castle!

Your mission if you choose to accept it is to re-build Newcastle Castle! Discover what you need to build a castle with an interactive tour  designing your very own castle. Explore the main features of a castle, relating these to methods of attack, defence and domestic construction.

Key Stages 1, 2

On the Hunt for Old Newcastle

Join us to investigate Newcastle's past, discovering the stories of people who lived and worked in the Castle Garth from Roman times to the present day. Examine real and replica objects and use your detective skills to find clues to piece together the past and to discover why the area looks as it does today. This session includes activities out of doors, unless the weather is exceptionally bad.

Key Stages 2, 3

Newcastle Under Siege

Prepare for the storming of Newcastle in 1644! Discover what life was like for Newcastle's residents during the English Civil Wars. Dress in Stuart fashion and handle objects. 

The Key Stage 2 session includes an interactive quiz.

The Key Stage 3 session includes a pupil-led debate between Royalists and Parliamentarians. Students are expected to bring their pre-prepared script with them.

Key Stages 2,3

Joint Castle and Cathedral Tour

Join us for a walk around the Old Newcastle site, discovering the history of the city and the importance of these buildings. Content of this tour is flexible, and can be based on a specific theme or historical period.

Key Stages 1, 2, 3, 4

Time Bandits

Join the Time Bandits for a special, interactive journey of Old Newcastle. This multi-period, hands-on 'living history' group has extensive experience working with schools. The Old Newcastle Project has a special relationship with the Time Bandits. We can book the Time Bandits for you.

Please note there is a charge for this activity.

Key Stages 1, 2, 3, 4


For information about special projects and outreach sessions, please contact Steph Carter, the Learning Officer on 0191 235 7551 or