Important Policies

Health and Safety

The teacher or group leader remains responsible for order and discipline during the visit. Please ensure that you and your group follow all instructions given by the Learning Team and site staff. They are for your own safety and that of our staff, volunteers and other visitors.

In the event of an emergency, first aid incident or missing person, please inform one of our staff.

When moving around the Old Newcastle site, please be aware of other visitors.

Please ensure your group is supervised at lunchtime and for visits to the toilet.

Please ensure that your group do not climb on the historic buildings, or run around the site. There are a number of tripping hazards and care should be taken, particularly when the ground is wet.


Please be aware that the Old Newcastle site is a public place and that children must be accompanied at all times to avoid safeguarding issues.

We require an appropriate number of supervisors to be present, bearing in mind the activity, number, ages and particular needs of the group. Please ensure a minimum of 1:8 for primary-aged groups, or 1:15 for secondary-aged groups. We recommend groups have male and female helpers where practical and applicable.