Digital Interpretation

Google Map and Google Earth Tours of Old NewcastleKML tours usable in Google Maps, Google Earth, Bing Maps, Yahoo Maps and Google Maps for Mobile are in development.

The HLF-funded Old Newcastle Project will enable us to extend the use of mobile and digital information technology to help engage a more diverse audience, thereby creating a dialogue between the area's history and its visitors. Using innovative technologies we hope to keep visitors coming back time and time again to Newcastle’s most historic area and to give them something they can take away in both reference materials and their experience.

The design and installation of high quality interpretation will be critical.  The Partnership is working with Newcastle University’s CultureLab/iLab to develop and engineer innovative digital and mobile information technology to complement traditional and popular interpretation techniques. This will link the City’s heritage, help engage hard-to-reach groups and provide mobile narratives and memory points for people to use after they have visited the area. Pre-contract user tests will ensure that the technology and information is the best, with a long term flexible future. The interpretation will be designed to help shape the identity of the area.

We will also look to use popular geographical information systems to enhance visitors' awareness and understanding of the historical space as well as for practical information about getting to and from the area.