Old Newcastle: Where the story begins

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Old Newcastle Where the story begins

St nicholas Cathedral

Whether you want to explore, take in the fine architecture or discover the rich heritage of the historic heart of Newcastle, there's something here for everyone...

Explore the site of the Roman Fort of Pons Aelius or visit one of the UK’s finest examples of a Norman stone keep or donjon. Stop in at The Cathedral Church of St. Nicholas, with its fine 15th century Lantern Tower which for centuries guided ships up the Tyne or take a leisurely stroll around The Black Gate, a Barbican built to the north entrance of the Castle during the reign of King Henry III.

There are many more subtle layers and social histories to explore. The Side is one of Newcastle’s remaining medieval streets. Charles Avison once graced the area with his tuneful concertos, in London style, whilst the workshop of Ralph Beilby and Thomas Bewick was at Amen Corner just behind St. Nicholas Cathedral.

Admiral Lord Collingwood, who took over command at the Battle of Trafalgar (21st Oct 1805) after the death of Admiral Lord Nelson, was baptised and married in St. Nicholas Cathedral and Mosley Street was the first street to be lit by the incandescent light bulb.